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Cat Scratch Protector/Deterrent Tape for Furniture

Cat Scratch Protector/Deterrent Tape for Furniture

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This is the ultimate solution to safeguard your furniture from your feline friend's natural scratching instincts!

This transparent self-adhesive pet training tape is designed to deter cats from scratching and damaging your furniture. Available in three sizes - 30cm x 3m, 20cm x 3m, and 45cm x 3m - this versatile tape provides ample coverage to protect your belongings effectively.

The Cat Scratch Protector/Deterrent Tape is multipurpose and can be applied to various surfaces, including couches, chairs, walls, fabric sofas, tables, automotive interiors, counters, and doors. The package includes nano tapes and twist pins for extra securing solutions to keep the tape in place.

Rest assured that this tape is residue-free, making it easy to peel off without leaving any sticky residue on your furniture. The material and backing glue are clear, unscented, non-toxic, and recyclable, ensuring a safe and pet-friendly solution for deterring unwanted scratching behavior.

Protect your furniture and maintain a harmonious home environment with this Cat Scratch Protector/Deterrent Tape. Say goodbye to scratched surfaces and hello to a happy cat and pristine furniture with this effective and safe solution.

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